Free Hearing Tests

We make better hearing more convenient than ever by offering hearing services in our office or in your home. Our equipment is portable and accurate, allowing for a thorough hearing evaluation without the need for a confined testing booth. Our experienced team is committed to making the testing process as comfortable and effortless as possible.


What You Can Expect During Your Hearing Evaluation:

Our Board Certified specialists will obtain an in-depth clinical case history related to your ears, hearing, balance, and tinnitus.


The specialist will examine your ears visually to find any problems in your external ear canal. Then, test your sound detection and hearing with pure tone tests, your discrimination with word tests, and your discrimination and performance in noise with speech-in-noise tests.  Multiple tests performed together help pinpoint the problem and rule out other conditions.


The results of these tests will help us determine where the possible problem lies and what treatment or rehabilitative options are best for you.  After the evaluation, the specialist will discuss your results and plan of action. Hearing aids may be demonstrated if a hearing loss is discovered.

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