Your Hearing Aid Fitting: What To Expect During and After

Your Hearing Aid Fitting: What To Expect During and After

hearing aid fittingIf you have made the decision to invest in your hearing, it is only natural that you would want access to both the best hearing aids in San Antonio and reliable customer service. Unlike your vision, hearing is an ongoing effort between you and your specialist. Knowing what to expect will make the transition easier.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the hearing aid fitting process to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new hearing aids.

Accessible Care

As schedules get busier and wait times get longer, convenient care is more important than ever to most people.  Current hearing aid wearers know that hearing aids require aftercare. Luckily, modern hearing test equipment is becoming smaller making mobile hearing tests, fittings, and aftercare a reality. It is also advantageous to have a hearing professional that is available and easily accessible.

A Smooth Hearing Aid Fitting

Your hearing is evaluated then the appropriate hearing aids are recommended for your level of hearing loss and lifestyle. The fitting sometimes involves measurements to make sure your hearing aids are performing at an optimum level.  Counseling of hearing aid use and benefit based on the level of hearing loss is important. It is also important to be instructed on listening techniques to help improve listening skills.

Truly Understanding Hearing Aid Featuresbest hearing aids in San Antonio

Most hearing aids have controls on the units that can be manipulated by the user. Rexton’s full product line of hearing instruments come with an app for both iPhone and Android phones.  The app allows users to make adjustments easier and more discreetly.  These adjustments can change the volume, programs, tinnitus maskers, and more.  Many instruments also have the ability to be rechargeable, eliminating the need for batteries.  Other accessories like remotes and direct Bluetooth streaming can also be added.

Fully Adjusting To Your Hearing Aids

The adjustment includes acclimating to new sounds that were once faint or even impossible to hear.  This is a very exciting time as words become clear and easier to understand.  Conversation with family and friends requires less effort.  Using the phone and watching television should now be more clear and easier to understand.  Even if you are doing well, it is important to see your Hearing Instrument Specialist during this adjustment period.  You could be due for a gradual increase in volume or another adjustment.   Verification measures are taken to confirm the wearer’s improvement.

The Proper Long-Term Care

After the hearing aid fitting and adjustment period, hearing aids need cleaning periodically.  Naturally, hearing aids get ear wax in them over time and require deep cleaning.  It is a good idea to keep your instruments in a drying case if you perspire excessively or live in a hot climate.  These cases can extend the life of your hearing aids by drying them when not in use.  The hearing professional may use special equipment to ensure the hearing instruments are performing to national standards.  It is recommended to have this service a few times annually to get the best results.  It is also a good time to ask for adjustments if needed and improvements in technology.

Annual Hearing Tests

An office or mobile hearing test is recommended annually.  This includes an inspection of the ear canals and instruments.  A full diagnostic test is performed and compared to the previous test results.  Hearing aids are cleaned and reprogrammed to the new and updated prescription.  This important step is what ensures wearers are hearing at an optimum level every year.  If you don’t get your hearing tested annually, you may be wearing an outdated prescription.  San Antonio Custom Hearing provides mobile hearing tests in San Antonio and its surrounding areas.

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