Industrial Hearing Protection


We perform impressions on-site at your facility with very little employee downtime. Custom earplugs provide your employees the most safety, comfort, hygiene, and durability. Employees create a bond with their custom earplugs and use them for years, reducing your hearing protection costs immensely.

Add options like communication filters, metal detectability and more!

We partner with organizations in San Antonio and the surrounding areas to tailor solutions that improve safety and communication.


Solid Earguard Custom Earplugs-$90

Custom earplugs made with Ear Guard silicone. These earplugs are buffed and lacquered in our lab. Available in blue, orange, or green, red, pink, black, and tan solid colors, shiny finish. Case, cord, and lanyard included.


Solid Custom Earplugs / Filtered Custom Earplugs*-$175

Custom earplugs made with medical grade material. These earplugs are sent to Great Lakes Labs to be constructed to perfection using a 3D scan of your ear impressions. Available in any color (up to 3), cord and removal handles included.

*Filtered earplugs contain an acoustic filter, reducing sounds to speech approximately level so that you can communicate.

We understand situational awareness is a key component of an effective noise reduction solution. Workers must be able to understand speech as well as detect audible warnings of equipment or facilities. Over-protection can be just as dangerous as being under protected. Some popular options are communication filters, metal detection capability, and radio connection. Our protection is in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards and exceeds OSHA’s requirements.