Mobile Hearing Testing in San Antonio

mobile hearing tests san antonio tx

San Antonio's Fully Dedicated Mobile Hearing Testing Service

We understand that not everyone can make it to our office but we feel that everyone deserves professional hearing healthcare.

At San Antonio Custom Hearing, we specialize in home hearing tests for adults of all ages, as well as pediatrics. Our equipment is portable and accurate allowing for a thorough hearing evaluation in your own home without the need for a confined testing booth.

Best of all? 

In-home Hearing Tests are Free

Why Trust San Antonio custom Hearing?

Since 2016 we provide San Antonio and surrounding residents with superior hearing aids, expert customer service and ultimate convenience, all at an exceptional value! 

We provide at home hearing tests as well as complete hearing aid aftercare services such as cleanings, adjustments, and more. Our skilled team of Board Certified mobile hearing providers are committed to making the entire experience comfortable, informative, and effortless.