Our Services:

Assistive Devices
Amplified Telephones
Custom Hearing Protection
Music Earpieces

Comprehensive Hearing/Tinnitus Evaluation-$35

We use top of the line computerized audiometry equipment and take pride in performing a very accurate and thorough hearing examination, on-site, from beginning to end. We go a step further and utilize a specialized Speech In Noise(QSIN) test to better assess your hearing ability in not only a quiet environment but also noise. If a hearing loss is detected that hearing instruments can help, a proper recommendation will be made based on your hearing results, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences.

Hearing Instrument Adjustment/Cleaning-$25 (3 free after the purchase of instruments)

We come to you, listen to your concerns and adjust your hearing instruments accordingly. We work with multiple top hearing aid manufacturers to be able to adjust your hearing instruments to your individual preferences.

To keep instruments in peak performance, regular cleaning and maintenance checks are recommended. Our tools are designed to deep clean to improve the sound quality and life-span of your instrument. A thorough sound check is also performed.