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We deliver the best hearing aids on the market directly to you, in the comfort of your own home.

On-site and on schedule, we work around your busy life,  providing affordable hearing aids and reliable, old-fashioned customer service. Your long-term satisfaction is our purpose and the focus of all that we do.


In-Home Hearing Tests – A comprehensive hearing test determines your hearing ability across a wide range of frequencies as well as your recognition of speech.   In addition to otoscopy, pure tone, bone, and speech tests, we perform a QSIN (Speech In Noise) test to better assess your hearing in a simulated yet realistic noisy situation, an area of concern for most of our patients.

In-Home Tinnitus Evaluations – Tinnitus is a phantom noise, buzzing, or ringing that may vary in tone and intensity often causing an individual to experience fatigue and anxiety.  We take tinnitus seriously and complete an extensive evaluation to recommend the best treatment for you.

In-Home Hearing Aid Fittings – Hearing aids can help most hearing losses, however, choosing the right hearing aid is critical.  We will recommend the perfect instrument for your hearing loss and lifestyle.  Fittings are always included with the purchase of hearing aids as well as aftercare follow-up visits.

In-Home Hearing Aid Adjustments and Cleanings
To keep instruments in peak performance, regular cleaning and maintenance checks are suggested.  Our tools are designed to deep clean to improve the sound quality and life-span of your instrument.

Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories – We carry accessories including hearing aid batteries, hearing aid chargers, cleaning tools, dehumidifiers, replacement parts, hearing aid remotes, hearing aid Bluetooth devices and more.

Assistive Devices – We offer various assistive devices such as amplified/captioned telephones, companion microphones,  vibrating and strobe alarms.  We participate in the STAP (Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program) and provide our patients with amplified phones at little to no cost.

Repairs – We offer in-house repairs and laboratory repairs on hearing aids for most manufacturers.  Please call for pricing.

Hearing Protection – We make comfortable and long-lasting custom fit hearing protection,  designed for industrial and general settings, hunting and shooting, musicians and other specialty earpieces.  These earplugs are made by taking an impression of your ear, resulting in a perfect fit every time.  Custom earplugs are perfect for long-wear periods and can be customized by color.

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