Custom hearing aid

Perfect & Customized Fit for Every Patient

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and with a wide range of features to address an individual’s specific needs. Our hearing experts make recommendations that are a perfect and customized fit for every patient. If you’re looking for hearing aids in San Antonio, you’ve come to the right place.

Just as important, we offer ongoing, professional aftercare that is critical for long-term hearing aid wearers.

We Offer a Wide Range of Hearing Aids


Hearing aids that have a small processor worn behind the ear with a speaker placed discretely in the opening of the ear canal.

receiver in the canal_300x300
Completely in canal


Hearing aids are generally custom fit to the patient’s ear canal. The exact size and shape of the instruments depend on the ear anatomy.


Hearing aids that are fit deeper into the ear canal in order to be completely unnoticeable.

Invisible in Canal (in the canal)
Behind the ear


Hearing aid style for severe to profound losses and custom earmolds are generally necessary.

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We Fit All Major Brands of Hearing Aids

Our hearing experts fit the latest technology from major hearing aid brands and verify prescriptions by using Real Ear Measurements

We also offer various Hearing Aids Accessories

Eco-friendly technology charges your hearing aids overnight for a full day of trouble-free operation.

For those with an unaidable hearing loss in one ear. The hearing aids connect wirelessly via the CROS Transmitter.

No remote required. Control your hearing aids using your iPhone or Android device.

Amplified telephones, captioned telephones, companion microphones, vibrating alarms/strobe alarms and more.

Oticon More

Oticon More and CellPhone

Starkey Picasso


Phonak Sky Marvel

Kid wearing hearing aids

Signia Silk X

Signia Silk X

Starkey Livio Edge AI


Starkey Livio Edge AI Custom

In ear hearing aid


Client Satisfaction

"Super awesome people. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Fast response to questions or concerns and very patient with people who are new at getting hearing aids. I highly recommend them."

Corey Molinelli