8 signs you need a hearing screening

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Are you or a loved one starting to show the signs of an underlying hearing problem? Are you also wondering when it’s time to contact a hearing professional or Audiologist for a hearing screening? Some of the symptoms of hearing loss can be confusing. Maybe you are only struggling in a few specific places or with specific people. Here are the top 8 most common signs that could indicate that you have a hearing loss and might need a hearing screening:

  1. Not understanding in a group or with background noise“ Are you missing out on what’s being said at the dinner table when there are multiple speakers? Can you hear but not understand when there is background noise? The ability to filter out noise is near impossible when you have a hearing loss and no hearing aids. Riding in a vehicle is another place where noise can be an issue. This is often due to the road noise, the radio, and multiple speakers.
  2. Having to ask others to repeat themselves “ Asking for someone to repeat what they have said is acceptable in a noisy environment or with a poor speaker. However, if you often have to ask what or “huh” regardless of the noise level, you may have a loss. You should know that hearing loss can affect more people than just yourself. Asking others to repeat themselves all the time is annoying, so don’t burden others with your hearing problem.
  3. Having the urge to cup your ear or lean toward the sound source “ When people lean in toward the sound source, they are struggling to hear. Some people even form a cup around the ear with their hands to capture more sound. The reason people do this is that cupping your ear can increase sound by about 5 decibels. This may help some but will not be the answer to your hearing problem. If you have found yourself leaning in and cupping your ear than you are missing more than you realize.
  4. Speaking too loud or too soft“ Have others asked you to speak up or lower your voice? Do you feel unsure what volume you are speaking? When a hearing loss is present, people find that they have trouble controlling their voice.  Since hearing loss affects how you hear your own voice, it is easy to unintentionally speak at too loud of a volume. Once you can hear well again, you can control your own volume with confidence.
  5. Turning the TV volume louder than others “ Is your TV blaring to others but seems fine to you? Are voices difficult to understand? Is it hard to hear the speech with the background music? Family or friends will likely be the first to point out that your TV is far too loud for them. Excessive TV volume could be harmful to other’s hearing. If this is you, then you are experiencing a telltale sign of hearing loss.
  6. Seems like people mumble– People with an untreated hearing loss almost always report that it sounds like others are mumbling. Some people swear that no one speaks clearly with proper diction any more. While some people do mumble, most do not. After your hearing screening results, you may owe some people an apology! Many different styles and types of hearing aids are available to restore almost every loss.
  7. Misinterpreting the message“ Are you missing the punchline or misinterpreting what was said? This confusion due to hearing loss can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness. Some people eventually refrain from social activities to avoid such scenarios. Don’t be ashamed to explain situations like this to your hearing specialist. The more information you provide, the better.
  8. Can’t understand on the phone “Have you maxed out the volume on your phone but it’s still not clear? Do you press your phone against your ear and face rather hard? Not being able to hear and understand on the phone impacts your social life. Communicating by phone is how most families remain connected nowadays. Avoiding or passing the phone off to someone else will negatively impact your relationships with others.

Although these 8 hearing loss signs are the most common, there are other symptoms you could be experiencing. Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is an example. Sometimes the symptoms of hearing loss can mimic other health issues. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are important with hearing just like any other health condition. Even if you are experiencing some but not all of these symptoms, you should have a hearing screening by a hearing specialist or Audiologist in San Antonio TX.

Hearing evaluations are free of charge so don’t put off your hearing. If you suspect you or a loved one has a hearing loss and would like a hearing screening, contact us at (210) 268-8229. We fit only the best digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers.

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