Best Hearing Aid Innovations in 2021

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Industry leaders have released ground-breaking, new technology. These innovations allow people to hear and communicate easier. In addition, the devices promote convenience and well-being. The best hearing aid models will contain award-winning features like these.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in hearing aids can help to improve speech understanding. AI is the ability of a machine to simulate human intelligence. Then, perform a set of tasks that require intelligent decisions. In short, AI helps to produce a cleaner and more balanced sound. In fact, some models can track body and brain activity as well.

Motion Detecting

Motion detecting uses sensors that can recognize if you are in motion or not. For instance, when the sensors detect head movement, they make adjustments. Therefore, the instrument will know to focus on where you are going to look. This helps wearers to hear better when in motion. Also, the sensors in specific models can accurately detect falls.

Brain Hearing Technology

Many people have trouble hearing in the presence of background noise. Fortunately, a new advancement called “Deep Neural Network” (DNN) helps.  The DNN is embedded directly onto the device’s chip. Trained on 12 million real-life sounds, it gives your brain more information. Consequently, wearers can understand speech better, even in noise. 

Hearing aid Facemask Modes

Facemasks have proven to be problematic for those with hearing loss. However, with a facemask mode, you can understand better. It works by conducting an AI-based analysis of the environment. Then, it makes immediate adjustments to improve audibility.

Rechargeable Improvements

Presently, rechargeable hearing aids can now provide up to 24-hours of wear. As well as, a portable charging option. If your hearing loss requires an In-The-Ear style, you’re in luck. Starkey has released the first-ever custom hearing aid that is charging.

Getting the best hearing aid

New technology is allowing people to take their hearing to the next level. If you want the best hearing aid on the market, you must see the appropriate provider. They must be licensed and approved by the manufacturer. Generally, these specialists are located in a private practice setting. The board-certified specialists at San Antonio Custom Hearing fit these devices regularly.

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