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Free hearing testIf you’ve noticed your mom or dad struggling with their hearing, you truly need to have a serious conversation about it.  Your parent may not be entirely aware of their degree of hearing difficulty. Often times, hearing loss occurs slowly and it is usually family members that notice signs first.  If you’re frequently having to repeat yourself, your parent is in need of a free hearing test.  Though, telling your own parents they have a problem can be difficult for some people.  Here are a few thoughts to help make the conversation easier.  

Hearing aids, hearing aid fitting, free hearing testsIt’s no surprise that if you put off any health condition there will be consequences.  With any condition, your prognosis is better the sooner you accept and begin treatment.  The same holds true for your hearing.  Our brains get a large amount of information and stimulation from our sense of hearing.  When your brain becomes deprived of hearing, you open yourself up to the following:

Free Hearing TestChildhood hearing loss isn’t always easy to recognize, and the symptoms can sometimes mimic normal adolescent behavior.  Hearing is not checked by most pediatricians and general practitioners, therefore hearing loss can go undetected.  Unfortunately, for young children that cannot yet hold a conversation, hearing loss can be very difficult for them to express.  As a parent, you will probably be the first to notice your child’s hearing problem.  It’s always important to detect and treat hearing loss at any age, however, it’s particularly important for developing children.  There are 10 big indicators that your child needs a free hearing test, pronto.