How to Tell Your Parent They Need A Free Hearing Test

Free hearing testIf you’ve noticed your mom or dad struggling with their hearing, you truly need to have a serious conversation about it. Your parent may not be entirely aware of their degree of hearing difficulty. Often times, hearing loss occurs slowly and it is usually family members that notice signs first. If you’re frequently having to repeat yourself, your parent is in need of a free hearing test. Though, telling your own parents they have a problem can be difficult for some people. Here are a few thoughts to help make the conversation easier.

Explain your concern with empathy

Hearing problems create many barriers to healthy communication. Empathetically describe what you have noticed their hearing problem. Explain the impact it’s had on not only their life but the family’s lives. This is the time to let them know if their hearing problem keeps you from conversing as much as you’d like. Constantly having to repeat yourself becomes tiresome and not conducive to good communication. Bring to light if their TV is blaring and/or they ask what entirely too often. Share the fact that they blindly acknowledge and even misinterpret entirely what you have said.

Schedule them a mobile hearing test

Help your parent find a mobile hearing company that will come to the house on everyone’s schedule. This will minimize stress about traffic, office waits, as well as the creation of excuses. It doesn’t get more convenient than a free hearing test in your own home. In-home hearing care providers are just as dedicated and thorough as office-bound clinicians, if not more so. The hearing tests they perform are important to rule out conditions like auditory tumors, ear diseases, etc. Untreated hearing loss has also been linked to Alzheimer’s and other conditions. If possible, be present during the initial mobile hearing test. Your participation will assist in describing what difficulties you parent is experiencing, some of which they may be unaware.

Encourage them

If your parent needs hearing aids but is reluctant, remind them how life will be easier and more convenient with new Bluetooth® hearing aids. Besides convenience, hearing aids are good for their health. They stimulate nerves and help to preserve the brain, according to researchers. Remind them that they are not getting help only for themselves, but the whole family who constantly has to repeat what they say. Your positivity and encouragement will help them make a good decision for their health.

Even though hearing loss is invisible to the eye, it has an enormous impact on how well we communicate. Currently, most hearing instrumentsare also virtually invisible and will improve your parents’ quality of life. If you are noticing the signs of hearing loss, don’t keep it a secret. Hearing loss, over time is known to slowly separate people from their loved ones. Helping your parents realize and pursue their hearing problem by scheduling a free hearing test is commendable. They will thank you for helping them to reconnect with all the beautiful sounds of life.

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